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    Hands-On Healing

    Chiropractic adjustments, muscle release, energy work

    Dr. Mackenzie & Dr. Matt offer hands-on patient care out of their cozy office in downtown Easton, PA. During a chiropractic adjustment, we "adjust," or restore movement, to stiff or restricted joints throughout the spine as well as extremities. Since the spine houses & protects the spinal cord & nerves, adjustments improve nervous system function systemically, while keeping the joint healthy locally. 

    To schedule, visit www.ConroyChiropractic.com

    Nutritional Consultation

    You are what you eat...

    Sufficient nutrition is the foundation for great physical health, so Dr. Mack loves helping people get this factor on track. Whatever your goals may be, whether it's weight loss or more energy, she will work with you on a plan that gets you moving in the right direction.

    Unless you're in a real dire state, we will not be super strict, but provide guidelines that focus on adding more nutrient-dense foods, rather than taking away all of your favorite things. We may also recommend some supplements to fill in some gaps.

    Alignment Education

    Bringing the Well Adjusted Life to your workplace, school or community

    Could your community or workplace be more well-adjusted? Most could be!

    We offer free 1 hour workshops where we educate groups on how they can live in greater alignment with health & vitality. In this interactive class, we'll cover all the factors that contribute to Body & Mind wellness and provide resources to support participants.

    As an upgrade, for $26/person, we also offer individual consultations & on-site adjustments to participants following the workshop.

    If you or your business is interested in getting more well-adjusted, please reach out and we will get connected!

    Any questions or need guidance? Feel free to reach out!

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